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When we started the AZMCA, we hoped patients and caregivers would find it, like it, use it and embrace it…and so far you have: over 800 patients and caregivers have joined the Association and more signup each day.

In its current form, the AZMCA leaves a lot to be desired. It has served its purpose but as the Association grows, so must the website. This is where we need you, our community of patients and caregivers. Let us know what you want from this site. For example, let us know…

– How you plan on using the community
– What features you would like to see
– What kind of information you’d like to be able to access
– Anything else you can think of!

Submit your suggestions below. All submissions will be kept private and anonymous.
Thanks for helping us become a great site and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

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