Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Renewals

Arizona Marijuana Card Renewal get renewedFor those of us that get our cards as soon as possible last year, the time is here to renew. Unfortunately, the renewal process isn’t going to be any easier that the initial certification. In fact, you have to go through the entire certification process again, doctor visit and all.

Not to worry though, there are marijuana certification centers out there that will help make the process as simple as possible. Check out Cannabis Certification Centers, Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Centers, or Green Cross Clinics. All three of these businesses can get you re-certified quickly and easily.

Don’t put off getting your marijuana card renewed, the State began accepting marijuana card renewal applications this month.

If you don’t have a marijuana card yet, these doctors can get you a certified today.

Cannabis Certification Centers

Cannabis Certification Centers has offices in Scottsdale.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Centers

Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Centers as offices in Socttsdale, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sun City, Ahwatukee and Cottonwood.

Green Cross Clinics

Green Cross Clinics is located in Phoenix, Arizona., the Arizona Marijuana Caregivers Association, is not responsible in any way for the actions of this caregiver or their medicine. Furthermore, is not a distributor, grower or retailer of marijuana. We do not condone or encourage the use, sale or cultivation of marijuana.