THC Tincture

TictureThis ticture is great for pein relief. Some patients experience a slight buzz but most don’t feel any high at all. Perfect for patients that have extreme pain or migraines but still need to be clear-headed.

5 tp 10 drops under the tounge takes my pain away.

Tinctures are also great for making THC-infused edibles. Especially those that you can’t use THC-infused oil or butter like candy, ice-cream and other sweets.

Donation Amount:

$60 for one 1/2 ounce bottle., the Arizona Marijuana Caregivers Association, is not responsible in any way for the actions of this caregiver or their medicine. Furthermore, is not a distributor, grower or retailer of marijuana. We do not condone or encourage the use, sale or cultivation of marijuana.