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Like Us on Facebook and Win a Bong

Win a Bong! What do you have to do you ask? Nada. Ziltch. Nothin. Just Like Us on Facebook or join our Google Circle and you are automatically entered to win. So stop fooling around and get on with it!

Looking for a Marijuana Caregiver in Arizona?

Still looking for a caregiver? It may be harder to find a marijuana caregiver in some of the rural areas in Arizona opposed to in and around Phoenix, but I know for a fact they are plenty of caregivers out there looking for patients to help, you just need to know where to look. There […]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Renewals

For those of us that get our cards as soon as possible last year, the time is here to renew. Unfortunately, the renewal process isn’t going to be any easier that the initial certification. In fact, you have to go through the entire certification process again, doctor visit and all. Not to worry though, there […]