How do I become a medical marijuana designated caregiver?

STEP 1: Find patients

Arizona state law specifies that only a qualifying patient can submit an application designating an individual as the qualifying patient’s designated caregiver. Each patient must apply separately to designate a caregiver, so caregivers must have a separate card for each qualifying patient they help. Caregivers in Arizona can be listed as the designated caregiver for up to five patients.

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STEP 2: Get Registered with the State

After the qualifying patient has registered the caregiver with the State, the caregiver must also submit a Designated Caregiver application with the Arizona Department of Health Services and pay the applicable fees.


Requirements to Become a Caregiver

The requirements for a designated caregiver are specified in state law and include that the individual must be at least 21 years of age, agree to assist the qualifying patient in the medical use of marijuana, and have not been convicted of an excluded felony offense. An individual may be a designated caregiver for no more than five qualifying patients. A designated caregiver does not have to be a home health aide or other professional caregiver.


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